Day: October 24, 2012

Kixeye Recruiting Video

Here’s an awesome company video for online gaming outfit Kixeye in San Francisco. It’s designed to recruit top engineers and other talent to the company (that can be a real challenge these days) and it’s also cool enough to possibly appeal to customers too.

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Facebook Stories… We Are All Daniel Cui

Facebook launched “Facebook Stories” a while ago … I was immediately impressed and continue to be. Look at this one. It is something that is very emotional, quite easy to relate to, easy to feel good about, and it ties the product (Facebook) in in a direct (but not in-your-face) way.

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Scroll Down this Website … THIS Is Multimedia

it’s such a great example of the “continuous scrolling” style that quite a few product companies are using now. Like this one from Activate drinks or this for VW’s Beetle. Plus this one for that I’m proud that Rassak wrote the copy (AKA the text) for.

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