Scroll Down this Website … THIS Is Multimedia


I am a bit uncomfortable featuring this website (actually it’s “just” a web page) because it’s not a product or service website. It’s an article from online music site Pitchfork . But it’s such a great example of the “continuous  scrolling” style that quite a few product companies are using now. Like this one from Activate drinks or this for VW’s Beetle. Plus this one for that I’m proud that Rassak wrote the copy (AKA the text) for.

There’s no way you could make this animation effect happen in a print magazine article.  Just scroll down to see the pictures move … the page takes on a cool old-time jerky movie feel to it.

Plus here you can listen to the artist as you read the article and look at photos of her. Product sites tend to incorporate video (not audio) into such pages (see VW and Desk for examples of how). Adding atmospheric music often turns out to be too much of a distraction on business sites — and you don’t see that much anymore. Though what about adding useful audio to listen to while scrolling around — like a customer talking about how much s/he likes a product? That could be interesting.

A quick note on the production economics of the Pitchfork page:  even though there are seemingly a million photos on this page. they seem to come from just one or two photoshoot(s). So the incremental cost of one of these shots is nearly nil.


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