Branding and growing a unicorn NGO

Paper is heavy, and that’s just one reason why books can be a pretty scarce thing in developing countries — shipping is expensive, slow and hassle-heavy. Enter our client, In partnership with e-reader companies, local publishers and telcos, Worldreader is helping schools and families in these nations bypass paper and move straight to e-books. They’re working hard (and smart) to solve the problems of distributing e-readers because once that problem is solved, delivering the books themselves is so so so much easier.

Co-founded by ex-Amazonian David Risher and ex-ESADE marketing head Colin McElwee, Worldreader had a highly successful early trial run in Ghana, ultimately reaching 80,000 people.

Team BKW helped rocketship and set their brand messaging before they even applied for their 501c3 status. BKW began working Worldreader in 2009, when we designed and built their first product, ebookish, a highly communicative website.

BKW Partners create social media campaign for BKW partners

2012 website

In 2012, Worldreader approached us again, looking to re-design their website with enhanced publishing and communications flexibility. We built them a powerful site that gave them all that, plus incredible fundraising functionality.  The site featured traditional fundraising tools to facilitate donations, as well as enhanced social features designed to empower anybody to run a fundraiser on behalf of an organization. Organizations using Worldreader’s tools could effectively boost fundraising by rallying their communities of supporters.

*Note: has evolved substantially since our work with them, but we are happy to say that their current website has retained the look & feel of our design. 

Social media activation

Next, BKW Partners created highly effective social media content to support‘s entry in Chase Giving Awards. The content we created was designed to be shared by the Worldreader team across their tremendous community of friends and supporters, including technology industry leaders like Bill Gates and authors John Grisham and Margaret Atwood. Monster kudos to the Worldreader team who organized an absolutely killer “ground game” organizing loads (and loads) of people to spread their message.

Worldreader was one of the youngest contenders in the 2012 American Giving Awards which aired on NBC Dec. 8, 2012. Though the organization did not win the $1,000,000 grant, they DRAMATICALLY increased their  social media following DRAMATICALLY, and enjoyed long-lasting follow-on benefits of their participation in the awards event.

BKW Partners create social media campaign for BKW partners
Social Media Content Created by BKW Partners for

Grisham on Facebook

Worldreader enjoyed a shoutout from “America’s Favorite Storyteller,” John Grisham.

E.L. James on Twitter

Popular author E.L. James amplified Worldreader’s important message to her one million+ followers.

Social Media Content Created by BKW Partners for
Social Media Content Created by BKW Partners for

Margaret Atwood on Twitter

“The Handmaid’s Tale” author Margaret Atwood encouraged her readers to vote for worldreader, and help the world’s children.

2009 site designed and build by BKW Partners
BKW Partners created new website and fundraising platform for Worldreader

Easter Eggs

Worldreader relies on community donations and engagement for their success. We were thrilled to help them develop a fun, innovative, and unique way to make their donors feel valued. We built Easter Eggs into Worldreader’s site to spotlight people who had positively impacted the organization.

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Video Storytelling

From Georgia (USA) to Georgia (former USSR), BKW content team is skilled at getting the story in any environment. With top execs in the Bay Area to people in some of the most resource-constrained environments on (almost) all continents.

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