Apple Gets Funny Again

Maybe it took Intel stealing away the I’m a Mac (from I’m a Mac, I’m a PC) guy for their own funny ads. But humor is back. Thank God!

Here’s a brand new ad from Apple. Just like the old I’m a Mac, I’m a PC ads, it’s funny AND it’s really good about making its points. (An important, unfunny aside, though: Apple is not as saintly as they are making themselves out to be here. This, from Eric Benjamin Seufert, is a good read on the topic.)

Help! I’m now in a rabbit hole of Apple videos. And am pointed to this one next one. It’s older—from deep in the pandemic—and is super fun to watch.

Strategically, its main points are less clear. It features a smorgasbord of work-related Apple products and features. But so what. It seems much more a “we’re here for you now and we’ll be here for your after the pandemic too” kind of message of solidarity. Almost a community-building / brand-building ad. That’s great too.

BTW, it’s the work-from-home edition of this even older (and quite-a-bit-less-funny) video.

It actually reminds me, in spirit of this Airbnb billboard. In this case zero product, zero features. Just “we’re here, let’s work together once all this crap is over.”

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