Tag: Others’ Work We Love

Apple Gets Funny Again

Apple’s brand new iPhone privacy ad—just like the old I’m a Mac, I’m a PC ads—is funny and is really good about making its points.

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Gorgeous Google Video

Product videos don’t get much better than this one—for Google’s Project Starline. The emotion is raw and real. The team was disciplined in keeping the descriptions of technology at a high level. Plus there’s the “that was mind blowing” line at 1:33.

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Nice, simple branding video

Abodu has done a really nice job with the basics of graphic design, motion graphics and branding (I love how clean their animated logo is) — but that’s NOT the branding aspect I’m focused on. It’s how excited the neighbors and family are. That’s the brand promise here. They are not pounding us with benefits and features. They’re just sharing happiness.

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