2,200,000 New Books Will Be Published This Year … How Many Will You Get Even Close To Buying?

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I have really only read two self-helpy books ever: The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by the late, great Stephen Covey  and The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris. And I learned a lot from both. Tim Ferris has a new book coming out soon — The 4-Hour Chef. I’m a bit confused by the title but I have to say this video “trailer” for it got me intrigued enough to head over to Amazon and check it out and see some other media over there (more video, actually). It all started makes sense. And this book might make a good holiday gift for some people i know.

The video is really nice in how fast-paced it is. It is als very aspirational (that’s marketingspeak for suggesting a way of life to people and implying that purchasing a product will make them achieve that way of life). From a visual/production standpoint I like the cool overlays  (the moving lines, etc.) and how they interplay with the underlying photographic imagery.  I think the video could have done a better job making it clear what this book is —  because it’s definitely a genre bender. But perhaps the mystery is powerful. After all… it got me to head to Amazon and explore further.  And since there will be about 2,19,999 books published this year that I won’t do that for, that’s quite a feat!

BTW, this isn’t Ferris’ first book trailer. Here’s an earlier one of his. Plus he has this very awesome behind-the-scenes blogpost on the making of it.

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