EwwwwwTube: This Funny Video Takes its Communications Job Seriously

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This post is perhaps a wee bit NSFW, depending on you and your office. So maybe start with the volume low.

I came across this video the way I like to source videos for these posts—by just seeing it in my normal day.  I saw this one linked to on Jezebel’s Facebook feed. It’s funny. And clearly a lot of people think so—by the view counts.

Yet it’s not all fun and games. Like a lot of great communications pieces, there’s a lot of smarts going on behind the humor. They explain what the product is. They clearly emphasize the benefits they want people to take away. They also know where they might give the wrong idea, and compensate for it. E.g. they clearly realized that some people might think they’re being so funny that this isn’t even a real product at all—hence the statement at 01:30 that it is real. And they don’t just say it’s real, they use that moment  to drop (sorry!) the fact that the product is loved on Amazon. Also… they show us that fact on a phone, giving you the subconscious prompt to order now!

girls don't poop

P.S. any awesome video like this needs it’s blooper reel. So here is their’s:

P.P.S for some reason this video reminded me of the video that launched Ms.Taken — the fake engagement ring designed to allow single women to ward of creepy dudes. I think I was reminded of it because that was also a product that was potentially fake, and yet was (and is) totally real. Not only was their YouTube great and fun to watch, they pulled an awesome JiuJitsuTube move at it’s launch. They parodied a very popular video and responded to it on YouTube—effectively “brandjacking” the original and grabbing a chunk of viewers who were watching it.

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