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This email came from CDBaby this morning…It’s got a little bit of irony, a little bit of flattery, a little bit of self-deprecation—all of which, combined with the highly targeted music recommendations keyed off my earlier purchases, work perfectly for ME. Which is, of course, the point given that the email was sent to ME! CDBaby seems to be doing a good job listening to their targeting/data-mining technologies and then putting a very human layer of communications on top–so that as an email recipient you don’t feel targeted but loved.  Here’s the email.

Hi Barak –

Last time you were at CD Baby, we all stopped to admire
your fine taste in music. (A few of the guys in the warehouse still say,
“Remember Barak? Yeah, those were the days…”) Now, months later, I finally summoned up the courage to
tell you about a few albums I think you’ll love:

 FRANK LONDON: A Night in the Old Marketplace http://cdbaby.com/cd/franklondon
This brilliant theatrical score mixes Jewish, jazz and world beats and an
eclectic collection of singers from NY’s underground scene, to Celtic legend
Susan McKeown and They Might be Giants.

CONSUELO LUZ: Adio http://cdbaby.com/cd/consueloluz3 She returns to her roots with these sensual and mystical
Sephardic Ladino songs weaving a haunting tapestry of Hebrew kabbalistic
prayers, Latin flamenco ballads, South American indigenous flutes, Middle
Eastern oud, classical melodies.

 JERUSALEM AMSTERDAM HEIDELBERG CONSPIRACY: DREAM8 http://cdbaby.com/cd/ofer8 Jazz meets Klezmer and goes on tour in Germany.
Contrabass and acoustic guitar with whiffs of accordion provide a foundation
for healing in the Kabbalist tradition of nigunim and soul transformation.
Touches of Flamenco on Cajon, Palmas and Arabian Nay.

These are all available as either CD or full MP3. (If you haven’t tried our full-album MP3
option yet, read about it here: http://cdbaby.com/mp3 It works in every MP3 player, with no

 If those aren’t enough, maybe your new love-of-your-life
album is found in…

 Editor’s Picks http://cdbaby.com/picks

 Top Sellers http://cdbaby.com/topnow

 The $5 Sale http://cdbaby.com/sale Just click a Style/Genre to start browsing.

And if none of that is good enough for you, well… just
type your favorite famous artist into “sounds like”, here – http://cdbaby.com/search – and I’m sure we
can help.


Derek Sivers, president, CD Baby

http://cdbaby.com cdbaby@cdbaby.com

<– click if you never want to hear from us again

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  1. Now THAT’s how it’s done! What a great example of how personal communication can help create brand loyalty. Like you mentioned, those music choices didn’t mean anything to me but they obviously made an impression on you which was the point. So much better than the "Dear [firstname_lastname] " e-mails most companies send.

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