Is Web 2.0 Getting Simpler to Use? Will It Mean Broader Adoption of Social Features?

Maybe. Here’s some indication in the  simplified “do more with this page” menu on the webpage for the current Web 2.0 Expo  (on this week in San Francisco). The web designers broke the menu down into three icons, each one offering a simple, plain-english choice once clicked. Without getting into whether these are the best icons and the best choices, the idea of “less-is-more” in a web 2.0 environment is powerful. So many web 2.0 sites/services are characterized by a surplus of choice, making it confusing for the uninitiated to really know what’s up and what to do—putting a drag on growth and usage.  This approach, as it’s refined, could signal that the chasm might be about to be crossed. What do you think???

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