YouTube Tuesday: Mike Birbiglia, AVG, Tippex

Welcome back to YouTube Tuesday. I look at three product or service videos and give a marketing critique. What do you think?

1. Sleepwalk With Me

Just because your product is itself content (as in a movie) doesn’t mean you can’t use smart content to promote it. And by smart content, I mean something more than a standard trailer. After all, trailers aren’t typically the kind of thing that get buzz and get shared around the web. Comic Mike Birbiglia has a film coming out this summer in the US called Sleepwalk With Me. It’s already played at SXSW and Sundance. What I love about the video below is 1) it’s much more than a trailer and 2) it plays perfectly to an existing fanbase. Birbiglia is a bit of a darling of the public radio crowd … and he’s leveraging this absolutely perfectly. If you’re fan of Terry Gross/Fresh Air you’ll most certainly enjoy. And damn… did this thing get buzz. Check out this Google search.


2. AVG Tiger vs. Toothpick

This is pretty damn awesome on several levels.

1) AVG is a tech company and tech companies (sorry dear clients) tend to shy away from risky marketing like this. Ironic because they tend to take so many other types of risks.

2) There is a great, clever concept behind this. Well thought out. And spot-on in how it calls out their value proposition. If it somehow eludes you, watch the “making of” video below the main video.

3) I like how they have a save-the-tigers call to action (not just buy-our-software) on their landing page

4) Perfect amount of branding for AVG … note the logo on the tarp on the cage

5) Enough commentary…. here’s the video

And the making-of

BTW… this video has FAR fewer views (15,000 vs. 4,000,000) which is interesting. Also.. weird side note: see how they blurred out the logo on one of the guys’ sweatshirts in this video. I’m curious what it is.


3. Tippex … The Hunter and the Bear

I have nothing to say about this except you have to experience it for yourself — over at YouTube itself for full effect. Fantastic. If you’re a bit turned off in the first few seconds by the total goofballyness of the two characters, just give them a few more secs. The experience will surprise you.


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