Bud Light Offers Up a Nice Viral. Cheers

Viral marketing is a hits business… like the movie business, the venture capital business, or possibly most businesses. You have to try things. There are no guarantees.

When it works, it is a beautiful thing, you end up with a many people engaged in your brand. You pay for the creative work and webhosting (if it takes place online) but you don’t have to buy media, e.g. TV time or print ads.

The “viewers” become the “media”. Nice!

Bud Light’s Making Faces is a good one. You can animate canned photos of people or animals—or upload your own—and make the picture say what you want it to via text-to-voice software. Profanity etc. is filtered.. but you can defeat the filter by deliberate misspelling. In fact you sometimes need to misspell words anyway to get the text-to-voice to work really well for you.

The technology behind Making Faces is called Veepers and it’s from dotcom survivor Pulse in San Francisco. Check your Pulse.

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