McDonalds Canada Gets Real

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Thanks to friend/Rassak client/all-around-awesome-hombre David Risher of  Worldreader for sharing this with me.

Peter Kafka of All Things D, The Wall Street Journal’s techy  blog, writes about this interesting video from McDonald’s Canada. The popular video goes behind the scenes at a burger photoshoot to answer a customer question: how come burgers in ads and burgers in real life are, well, a bit different.

behind the scenes at a mcdonalds photo shoot

Kafka’s piece is a good read though I’m not sure that a large corporation in Canada embracing a degree of transparency means we’ll see a lot more of it quickly in the US.  Kafka also focuses on video but there’s a larger trend at play here: that of transparency in corporate communications in general. It’s a trend, of sorts, but we’re very very early in a slow process.

Robert Scoble and Shel Israel’s seminal book on this topic Naked Conversations is more than six years old now (and Robert has moved on to other forms of nakedness already). It seems the vast majority of companies still are not comfortable with shedding the armor.

BTW.. this is an interesting, if long, video from 2004, featuring Scoble and others discussing their transparency efforts at Microsoft when they launched Channel 9. The name comes from the United Airlines channel 9 when the pilot lets you listen in (transparency) to tower communications. If the video is wonky here, you can view it over at Channel 9 itself.

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