Mile High Mentoring: YouTube Tuesday

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Delta Innovation Class from Delta Airlines and LinkedIn , is a very very cool idea with a smart name.

The website for it is very well done. As is one of the videos (scroll down for the videos).


What a smart way for both companies to inject their own brands with some innovation mojo from events/brands such as TED, TechCrunch Disrupt and The James Beard Awards—and from the innovators who attend them.

The accompanying videos are a bit spotty. The introductory video is sort of nothing special, but it does do a good job explaining the program. That’s good because a surprising number of pieces of corporate  communications fail to, um, communicate the basics of who, what, where, when and why.

The video featuring Eric Migicovsky, creator of the Pebble Smartwatch could have been much more interesting than it is. It serves up platitudes and not much more.

The one featuring Sean Brock (who does not appear to have a LinkedIn profile—odd for an effort co-branded with LinkedIn) is my favorite. I feel like I’m there—or at least want to be there with them. Somehow that’s not true for the video above.

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