One Sauce Fits All — Almost.

I don’t know how many times I’ve had the conversation with customers about how much and how to target their messages and product offerings.

I am a huge believer in targeting. And usually the conversation isn’t about whether.. but about how. Not always though… One customer once said to me (and I paraphrase)  “marketing executives always argue for targeting, and I bet a lot of marketers went to the Google guys in the beginning and tried to convince them to make a search engine just for x, y or z.”

A fair point.. I suppose.. but if you thing about it, Google is uber-targeted. As soon as you type ANYTHING into Google, it shapeshifts into exactly what you were looking for.

Anyway… with all this swimming in my head, I was amused when I saw this while shopping the other day:

all purpose sauce

Then I saw the Hot & Spicy version:

hot & spicy

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