Poke a Stick at a Grizzly Bear … Dumb Ways to Die

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Thanks to YouTube Tuesdayer Denise Klarquist for sending this in. It’s a nice campaign for a public rail system in Australia — Sydney I think. I love the illustrations and animation  — done by the very talented Julian Frost. After Denise sent it in, another reader, Ed de Wolf, sent it too. I also read about it on the BBC. Death and stupidity have always been classic web spreaders. What’s rare is when, as in this case, depicting death and stupidity serve a purpose—preventing death and stupidity.

What do I like about this:

1) the website (be sure to click the astronaut in the upper left)

2) the video (but it takes too long to get to the reveal or punchline .. that this is about train safety)

3) the fact that they made a song and let you download it from iTunes

4) how nice and tightly all the pieces hold together … that’s my favorite

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