App for Shopper Marketing Expo

The San Francisco-based mobile design and development team at BKW Partners created an “Enhanced Endcap” demo for the 2012 Shopper Marketing Expo in Chicago. Thousands of brand marketers and retail executives from Walmart, Target, Kraft, Kimberly-Clark, LG Electronics, PepsiCo, Sony, ConAgra Foods, Walgreens—as well as retail display designers and manufacturers—converged at Chicago’s Navy Pier.

An exciting new player at the expo was SweetSpot WiFi, a BKW client based in Palo Alto.

BKW developed an app for Shopper Marketing Expo

BKW was asked by SweetSpot WiFi to create a retail concept for an “enhanced endcap” to be shown at the expo. We were to take a standard ‘endcap” (a display for a product placed at the end of an aisle) and enhance it with SweetSpot’s powerful mobile technology. The SweetSpot mobile marketing and business solution platform allows retailers and brands to engage shoppers when and where they are making a purchase decision by enriching their in-store experience via a mobile phone.

Landaal Packaging Systems will be exhibiting at the Shopper Marketing Expo. As part of their booth, Landaal will recreate a classic outdoor retail environment with what, at first, will look like one of their traditional endcaps for archery brand Strother. However, in an exciting innovation, Landaal will also demo an enhancement to the end-cap. Just like Strother promises to extend an archer’s range, Landaal is now offering its retail store operators endcaps that extend a manufacturer’s range in store. Landaal’s SweetSpot-enhanced end-caps bring the power of interactive digital media into the retail environment—with video, incentives and more. The end-cap is extended to consumer’s mobile phones. And retailers do not have to deal with the hassle and cost of providing internet service in store.

The enhanced endcap demo we created showed off these features.

Big thanks to BKW Creative Net member Aaron Adiego as well as Mark Lewis and Nick Cohen of Jessie who partnered with us on the project.

The expo is put on by the Path to Purchase Institute.

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