YouTube Tuesday: Dollar Shave Club, 99 Dresses, Skype

Here are three product (or service) videos I came across lately. Check ’em out and, if you’re interested, read a quick marcomms critique of each. And please, feel free to add your own.

I found out about two of them via bona-fide buzz. One I found out about via a company email. Even so… I was intrigued enough to click and look. That’s a feat for any form of communication — so it made my cut here.

1. Dollar Shave Club

This one’s already famous. I learned about via this headline in Mashable:  “Is This the Best Startup Launch Video Ever?” … that’s kind of a stretch … but it is cool. Turns out they used this as a money-raising tool as well. What’s to say… it’s funny, it moves (great pacing), smart edits (echoes of The Man Your Man Could Smell Like) .. and on top of all this , it tells the story of the company and what it offers clearly.

2. 99 Dresses

This one isn’t famous yet. I heard about it via this link on Facebook via Robert Scoble “My favorite Y Combinator company demo of the day? 99dresses …. Congrats to CEO Nikki Durbin for winning my Scobleizer prize, a Lytro camera!” Great energy. Great pacing. Great edits. Very real. Clear story. Clear value proposition.

3. Skype “Say It” and “Group Video”

This came via email today … from Skype. The email was compelling so I clicked. This video must have cost a FORTUNE to make. It’s a neat idea that exposes the group video feature (a premium — AKA you-gotta-pay-for-it — feature) of Skype. But .. in the end… not such a hot video. First of all… I had no idea, after watching, what “Say It” is. I just looked it up and it’s cool… but it took a lot more than the video to get me to understand what’s on offer.  “Group Video” is another premium Skype feature.  It makes collaborating among more than two people more effective on Skype — you can all see one another.  It seemed, at the beginning of this video, that the band would use Group Video to watch each other and play off each other during the video — as they were performing on different continents — connected only by Skype. But for all the hoopla about it in the video, the band doesn’t even use the feature to “see and hear each other” — they seem to never look at their bandmates.

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