What Will The New World’s Most Interesting Man Do Next?

Here’s what BKW’s Barak told Advertising Week’s Heather Taylor:

“Focus on doing good while looking good. I think the new guy will be ‘crunchier’ and more focused on doing good. He’ll ride a corporate trend of doing well while doing good. He’ll have a bit of a nonprofity feel at times. He’ll still be attractive and edgy and funny.”

Other people at other agencies had good things to say too, including content strategist Sean MacPhedran and copywriter Jamie Delaney.

We loved what some people who call themselves“The Writer’s Room” at the Brownstein Group had to say: “He will negotiate a lasting peace in the Middle East. And then foment a political revolution in the Midwest. He will rekindle the declining bee population in just one romantic evening. Mt. Everest will add him to its bucket list. He will get a ticket to mars, as a layover. He’ll break the Internet, and then buy it.”

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