YouTube Tuesday Plus: The Possibly Perfect Product Video

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I just love this video. I also happen to love this app and use it for email on my phone—about 100 times a day (ugh!).

The video does a great job seamlessly combining a short story (of a woman taking hike in nature) and sharing product features and benefits. And they do it in a very simple, minimalist way which is itself a nod to their simple, minimalist product.

Because the product is so simple they don’t have to say anything in the video. They can show, not tell. This leaves room for a calming song—and the story.

My favorite bit is the end. When they show the protagonist’s empty inbox (the elusive nirvana also known as “inbox zero”). In real life when you do actually achieve inbox zero in the app they present you with a a calming image like the one in the video .. And they prompt you to share the image on your social networks , like this. It’s a nice little “viral loop.


Addendum: after publishing this post I heard from Saar Gur who is an investor in Mailbox and on their board. This is cool: the team conceived of and created this video without any outside agency help. I know I shouldn’t advertise that because I want people calling up Rassak to make their videos… but it’s the truth and I love it when people pull stuff like this off. The woman in the video is Mailbox employee Elle Luna, formerly of Uber and IDEO.


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