YouTube Tuesday: and FC Barcelona, TechCrunch Disrupt Finalist gTar … and the Samsung Galaxy Note Bends It Like Bechkam

It’s YouTube Tuesday again… by now you likely know the drill.. I give you three product or service videos to check out as well as three mini marketing critiques. Ready, Steady … Go:

1. Million Books

I’m super excited to be able to feature a video made by friends — and with a good friend in front of the camera. is a client of Rassak’s — though we don’t produce their videos. They have an amazing internal team led by communications chief Susan Moody Prieto in Barcelona. She hands-on directed this video — which was produced by Lisa Andracke and shot by Lisa’s Oscar-winning cinematographer dad Greg Andracke.

They launched the first wave of the Million Books Movement last week — with the help of the huge global sports brand Futbol Club Barcelona (Barça). OK .. now here’s what brilliant about this video. Worldreader are truly great story tellers and it’s one reason they have had so much success in such a short time with getting their word out in such a huge way. If you were to count each moment in this video below you will see that:

  • hardly any moment feels like Worldreader is selling you something (yet most product/service videos sell, sell, sell)
  • hardly any of it gets into details about what Worldreader does or how they do it (yet most videos feature, well, product or service features in painfully boring detail)
  • all of it is story… and a story in it’s best sense …. a story most people hadn’t thought about before, in a place many viewers don’t get to see too much of  … a story with details that matter… a story with a plot… a plot you can be part of

And here’s the beauty — you are sold. And you are drawn in to want to know more details about what Worldreader does and how they do it. I’m gonna sell you now directly… please consider donating a $5 e-book to the kids!


2. gTar:

Did you see the truly amazing film “Shutup and Sing” about the Dixie Chicks. Well…. my verdict for this video for gTar (a finalist at last week’s TechCrunch Disrupt conference in New York) is shutup and play your gTar!. Here’s their product video. It’s OK…. but don’t you just want to hear them rock out? Way too cerebral. See notes about Worldreader above!


3. Samsung’s Galaxy Note Bends It Like Beckham

Since the video above was lacking in music, here’s some for you … from Samsung. Footballer David Beckham is pretty damn awesome… no doubt about it. But I seriously doubt this was done in one take… the real stars here are the person who conceived this cool idea and the video editor. Brilliant stuff. I like this video… it’s short, sweet, has a nice little surprise at the end, musics’ great — and it shows off the product well (without overdoing it.) I like to share videos that I learn about via pure viral means — this one I saw on the Facebook wall of a friend.

BTW (and this is not a product or service video, I’m sharing just for fun) here’s another ode to musical video editing. It’s been hanging around the web for awhile… it’s one of my faves. Ironically titled “Amateur”

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