YouTube Tuesdays: Dove Real Beauty — At It Yet Again

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Last time I wrote about an amazing campaign (more like a part of a rolling, ongoing campaign) from Dove Real Beauty … and now they’re at it again.

This is momentum marketing at it’s best. They’re knocking out fantastic, thoughtful, thought-provoking content (with a consistent underlying message) so that the new one enters our consciousness just as the old one is fading. This isn’t branding… this is brand BUILDING!

chloe dove real beauty

This time they hired a forensic artist (the person who draws suspects’ faces based on verbal input from witnesses) and asked him to draw women’s portraits based on their own descriptions of themselves. Then he drew the same women based on the description of a stranger the woman had recently met. The artist never saw the women in real life. The results speak for themselves. There is a video, below, as well as a page with deeper stories on the women and detailed views of the portraits.

What will it take for your organization to create a wave of content like this? It’s not easy… but it is doable.

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