Are Apps the New Lattes

Trading one small thing you hold in your hand and dpn't really, really need .... for another
Trading places?

Nokia’s answer to the iPhone’s appstore has launched. Many (here, here and here) slagged the launch itself as bungled (wrong link sent to the press, overwhelmed servers, etc.).

Regardless… apps are here to stay and are growing beyond the relatively small (but very watched) world of Apple. They’re here as moneymakers, as ways to connect with customers, etc. etc.

This isn’t a literal graph… but it does capture some truth. It seems that, even in these difficult economic times, some people still don’t seem to mind dropping a few dollers/euros/pounds on a little trifle they can hold in their hand that they don’t really really need. It’s just that what that little trifle is, is changing.

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