Smell of Success?

Here’s the latest from Burger King… Flame, a fragrance for guys with a hint, maybe, of The Whopper.  The thing about Burger King is that they’re fearless experimental marketers. They TRY things. Earlier gambits have included the “Subservient “Chicken” and a fake documentary on the fake discontinuation of The Whopper. Plus more.. And it seems to work.. These numbers from the third quarter of this year:

  • Revenues up 12 percent to $674 million
  • 19th consecutive quarter of worldwide same-store-sales growth

For reviews of the scent, see here.

Thanks to Kristin for the tip.

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4 responses

  1. And the world’s media (including the blog world, eh ;-)) is falling for it in droves. Been a long times since I last saw a regular marketing campaign (rather than murketing, which I see you’ve got a link to) get this much publicity.

  2. Ever consider that maybe the increased revenue numbers have more to do with the economic crisis as increasingly people chose to eat junk food rather than in expensive restaurant? Until advertising and promotion initiatives include a mechanism to directly MEASURE their effect then we really have nothing to say about their effectiveness. Maybe one day we will see campaigns that include feedback machanisms, benchmarks and return on investment…. 🙂

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