Prepare for Awwwww

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I used to think there were two kinds of pre-roll ads (you know, those video ads that play before videos on the web). The really irritating ones that make me wish the internet was never invented (99.9 percent of them) and the ones I actually want to watch past the the moment when the little buttons changes from “you can skip this ad in 5 seconds” to “skip ad” (0.1 percent). Turns out there’s a third kind. It’s very very rare.

Internet-Connected Thermometer Tells Advertisers When They’re Getting Warmer In Search for Sick People

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This line from Sapna Maheshwari’s interesting NYT piece says it all: “The data showed Clorox which ZIP codes around the country had increases in fevers. The company then directed more ads to those areas, assuming that households there may be in the market for products like its disinfecting wipes.”